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The father Wang Dadong of foreign snack talks about management to agree De Jishe

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He is the first person that introduces Kendeji home, the father ” of foreign snack of “ of the China that be called.

He is a Chinese, culture of Chinese and Western is very old to his influence.

Yesterday, should of father-in-law government institute invite, professor Wang Dadong comes to Jinan. Our newspaper had a special report to him.

   ” of “ poisonous eye discovers the market is blank

Reporter: Be in early 1987, you introduce Kendeji China, dining-room becomes the Kendeji of that 1500 square metre that Beijing front door opens for a time one of tourist attractions of Beijing. At that time income of month of Chinese average worker is not worth 100 yuan circumstance to fall, you how decision-making introduce the Kendeji that considers “ tall to consume ” at that time?

Wang Dadong: What Kendeji sells is a product not just, it is an idea more. Introduce and do poineering work to need to discover market blank eye. Later, I introduced Roger again this, also be the blank that look followed the market. The Western-style food hall of the foreign quick meal that there is and so on of Kendeji, Mcdonald's only in home at that time and hotel type, and the Western-style food hall of intermediate, emotional appeal having a place does not have price almost, roger Si Zheng is fill this one blank.

Reporter: How to discover the market is blank?

Wang Dadong: This is likely profit from my growing environment. I this year 64 years old, the first live 20 years in Chinese Taiwan, be edified by whole Oriental culture; The 2nd 20 years I live in the United States all the time, suffer western culture the impact is very big; Recently 20 years all the time come-and-go at Sino-US between, a lot of opportunities can discover the blank part of Chinese market.

   Kendeji is gotten the better of in standardization

Reporter: You think, what does the mainest reason with foreign successful snack depend on?

Wang Dadong: I consider as standardization. There is “ salt a few commonly on Chinese meal cookbook, candy half spoon ” . These are very ambiguous terms, the thing that the person that bring about a successor or join in does and inaugurator difference are very big. And Kendeji executes strict standardization to all food, even if of a biscuit make also can have full the standard of 3 pages paper.

Reporter: Outside the standardization that makes besides the product, foreign snack and Chinese meal interlink photograph comparing, what different place to still have?

Wang Dadong: On management, kendeji emphasizes standardization and system changing. Say for example, the field is developed in the talent, each pace can have groom strictly, groom this kind form a system to change.

Reporter: You think to groom study to doing poineering work person for, whether be necessary?

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