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Contrapuntal and concessionary classics does business 4 bassoon charge pattern

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In concessionary management industry, the leader of an alliance and join in there is a kind of very special collaboration concern between business. This kind of concern is very delicate, class of its neither fluctuation, be not the relation of the co-worker on real significance again. How is headquarters carried out effectively to joining in the management of business, it is the problem that a lot of enterprises have a headache.

Fan Xiaojun of the personage inside course of study is opposite according to headquarters the rate that canal of the person that join in charges, to joining in the administrative pattern of business theatricalizes the ground the leader of an alliance cent is “ bassoon, canaliculus, big without giving thought to, small without giving thought to ” 4 kinds. Actually, this kind charges the means that degree will come to differentiate to joining in business is in charge of according to the leader of an alliance, also can regard concessionary management business management as a few kinds of typical delegates of mode.

Bassoon: Mandatory type manages

Suit a territory: The domain of service line of business such as meal, hairdressing, gem, and a few international are large interlink an enterprise.

Mandatory type management is whole journey namely mandatory, it is a kind of means that to joining in business gives aid to or the canal charges headquarters. By join in business plans charge of all set up shop oneself, trust company management, join in business is in charge of controlling government.

With gentleman advisory copartner Wen Zhihong thinks, mandatory type management basically is based on home the current situation with concessionary management immature industry and legal environment, join in by what headquarters generation lacks experience business undertakes management, also have a plenty of better to come true as a result of headquarters shop control, the control kind that assure operation quality and takes.

Pattern of this kind of management applies to those to manage difficulty relative to bigger management field, wait for domain of service line of business like meal, hairdressing, gem, and a few international are large interlink an enterprise.

Canaliculus: Half mandatory type manages

Suit a territory: Kendeji kind snack company.

The expressional form of half mandatory type management is, after should joining in business joins in, those who have period of time is mandatory, it is half an year or time of a year commonly, till this inn gain till. Next evacuate of enterprise of the leader of an alliance, by join in him business manages. In the process that joins in business is managed, can fixed or headquarters is nonsked group superintend and director guides, undertake on-the-spot guidance to shop. Or be open an one domestic new store by the leader of an alliance, run period of time, after breeding maturity, give again join in business manages, undertake guidance regularly. This kind manages mode, see more quite in concessionary management industry, more mature Kendeji waits.
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