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7 be faced with into concessionary management enterprise violate compasses

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  Already put on record in commerce director branch the company is only 270, transfer period inside unprepared case is violate compasses, superintendency punishment still puts difficulty

In concessionary management industry, ” of tall redound of “ small investment makes one of commonly used instruments that attract the person that join in.

In " commerce is concessionary management regulations " publish the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, concessionary join in the industry did not cast off superintendency predicament as before. Yesterday, china interlinks Pei Liang of management association secretary-general to express, the concessionary management company that has put on record in commerce director branch up to now is only 270, and according to home gross of about 2000 concessionary management enterprises is calculated, the company that has concessionary qualification via putting on record occupies 13.5 % only, even if a few businesses enter in the records quickly, still possibly about 7 violate compasses venture into business presence, and superintend and penalize put in a few difficulty.

   On 1000 enterprises are faced with exit

“ is likely this year it is concessionary a year of ” with management the most difficult industry, china interlinks Pei Liang of management association secretary-general to express yesterday, as a result of " commerce is concessionary management regulations " from last year May 1 execute formally, concessionary management industry is being adjusted in what experience standardization period.

According to regulation of “ byelaw ” , the branch must is in charge of to refer a business in place from the business that concessionary industry entered after May 1 last year relevant data, application puts on record, in Department of Commerce fair the ability after showing has attributive to begin concessionary join in business. Of this one byelaw coming on stage basically is what before be aimed at this, run rampant with each passing day is concessionary join in fraudulent action, “ byelaw ” is special concessionary to been engaged in the “ that management company established a year transfers period ” , be in namely this year before May 1, need is begun concessionary the enterprise that join in must be finished put on record, it is otherwise violate compasses.

Yesterday, pei Liang expresses, according to Chinese chain management association joins in to home the statistic of company number, in restricting 2000 concessionary management companies at present, up to finish yesterday put on record fair those who show less than two into.

The reporter is in Department of Commerce inquires in concessionary management system, had put on record at present the Beijing that there is consumer to be familiar with relatively in the enterprise is good the enterprise such as sheep of company of meal of human relations elder brother, Su Guochao city, Inner Mongolia small fertilizer. But, mcdonald's, Kendeji, always did not appear with the big card business such as king among them. Recently, these a few companies are in media to putting on record express in the reply of item, clutching put on record the job, will finish inside time limit.
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