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1000 hands avalokitesvara touched dancing the whole world, them with perfect broke deaf person cannot the traditional understanding of the dance since collective, the administrative enlightenment that it brings and clear shown administrative action is worth us to controller thinks and suddenly wake up more.

The Tai Lihua that get dance and associate people constituent end is to pass dedication to give an audience the self-identity that perfect dancing performance will come to to obtain people. Same, the constituent end of the enterprise is through dedicating for the client ideal product or service are gotten the client is approbated and good finance affairs is behaved.

These are fundamental target with the organization, be different from an individual amuse oneself, narcissism. Should achieve performance perfect, be approved, the member that need is organized scrupulouslies abide by the regulation that approves jointly.

Listen to metre and press metre accurate executive movement is orchestic basic regulation, and Tai Lihua and her associate people it is to listen to those who be less than metre, but distinctive and regular —— breathes their playwright-director and orchestic of the person that the teacher created deaf person dance, will achieve uniform perfect performance. In the sign language direct of whole dance movement, sign language teacher is jumping to mix almost all the time the movement like actors: Stretch one's hand expiratory, collect a hand inspiratory. The movement that you meet exclaim actor is uniform, the foot of teacher of exclaim sign language and actor is unified. Teacher and actors achieve behavioral accord through breathing this one regulation.

Agree with and scrupulously abide by regulation, the person that can let do not listen to any audio dance completely also can dedicate the aesthetic demand of perfect artistic and contented audience. Conversely, if do not understand,mix scrupulously abide by these regulation, the normal person that although can listen,gets metre is irreconcilable also have dance.

So what is the basic metre of administrative dance? Likelihood we a lot of controller were forgotten, this basic metre is professionalism!

Those who face explosion of globalization market, knowledge and employee is multivariate culture, the spirit of collaboration of labour and capital of Chinese enterprise and employee and mutual benefit consensus are put in giant vacuum, from personnel of course of study basic profession accomplishment is low it is morality and behavior out of control cause an all sorts of problems even, the progress that has given a company brings huge loss!

Ability of profession of native land personnel and professional accomplishment are low the bottleneck that the problem already became numerous enterprise to develop in China, become one of factors that restrict economy of whole China politics to develop integratedly even!
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