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Begin chain to manage " 6 doorsills "

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After all what industry suits chain to manage? The development course that runs from chain can see, meantime does not have the limitation of the industry. But whether suit chain to manage or have certain attrib border requirement, we were summed up the following 6 conditions, had the following the enterprise of 6 conditions should be the business that fits chain to manage.

One, management is OK the project is changed.

The project is changed is to point to a complex system or a product to decompose a lot of relatively simple subsystem, every subsystem can be had the primary technology personnel of simple skill or worker undertake handling or machine. The ability of a crackajack engineer depends on can economic ground undertakes this is planted the method that differentiate and can establish a system to combine or standard. These all differentiating that return with combination must attend to to economy, of the technology, of management, of cost, of quality, of the market, of the society, in the past and a variety of considerations in the future are waited a moment.

Resemble making Western-style food, western-style food pays attention to science and nutrition, so can the project is changed. The heft of all sorts of raw material and standard, more or less is the sort of condiment is mixed strict will carry out according to the standard. Resemble Mcdonald's, kendeji, the oil of their chips is lukewarm, the time accident of scamper has strict control level, these mensurable standards and measure are OK the project is changed. Did chain to also have congenital requirement so.

And Chinese meal is done not have so simple, cannot be standardized and the project was changed, chinese meal cultured is the art that makes food, the process to making food is very ambiguous control standard, for instance: Saline a few, … of acetic a few…

The content of management can be standardized, the project changes be the first to be affected to make one of requirements that whether fit chain to manage.

2, core gift.

Carry out a proof, coessential the chain that turns product competition and convention manages mode, both neither can tarry old client, also cannot attract new customer. Chain manages an enterprise to must have individual thing, if cannot provide characteristic service, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of the user cannot avoid.

The company that is about to join chain to run a team so should have his core gift, can be in intense market competition, expressional individual character, other is sought in be the same as, realize characteristic glamour. For example the clean sanitation that Mcdonald's advocates; Home's very successful meal interlinks: Small fat sheep. The soup makings of small fat sheep uses a variety of 60 Chinese traditional medicine such as angelica, medlar, dangshen, longan, white bandit material is made up meticulously, hotpot is used pure natural, free from contamination, tall fiber, low the kid flesh of 3 adipose months, such hotpot is slippery tender tastily, enrage without smelling of fish or mutton, the delicate delicacy that its soup expects is sweet, after hotpot is entering boiling water not only taste delicacy is sweet, also avoid besides dip in the defect with prairie fresh and tender hotpot is lost after little material.
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