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The individual does poineering work become rich 10 big doohickey

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From the point of characteristic of current socioeconomy development, the work of people basically can be as follows 3 sort: Personnel of hired worker of national official, company, oneself become a boss. Their each has his strong point; But be afraid a lot of people think he become a boss! But everybody knows, the boss has the boss' trouble, impersonal person can become a boss, becoming a profitable boss, boss that becomes a career to have truly need assiduous He Zhihui.

1, reduce poineering capital number lowest.

Do not raise debt, fasten overhand family deposit, successful opportunity has 20 ~ only the new career of 30% , undeserved you take a risk so. The career that you plan wants to be made by existing conception and your individual talent and special skill, and need a few ready money only.

2, study sells him.

As small company operator, what people buys is you, not be your product. Want you to know how to sell your only, earlier investment does not need to plan a good deal of fund. Practice inside 30 days, you can find a client, cash can come in inside 60 days, the help drives business to grow.

3, should expert to the client.

New career is unfavorable collect fees to the client exorbitant. With my course of action, offer free service to give a customer even, let them know what I can do. Even if make an appointment with without the autograph later, they also can introduce other client paying fee to give me. Sometimes, you must angle with small fish big fish.

4, in the begining best can by the product is offerred directly in the home or serve.

I ever was in bedchamber one horn, with an one desk, one chair, small computer, start advisory company. Inside 5 years, the firm closes a person to exceed 500 thousand, have oneself office and 12 stuff. Everything as a child dimensions begins, expand gradually.

5, from daystart, all computerization.

Typewriter reachs artificial exercise kind, in competition ability already was not had on the market at present, epistolary and roundtrip, accountant, market, writ, sale is not exceptional. Do business to want to use computer namely from daystart.

6, work for long.

Accountant, epistolary wait for clerical work to take night. These things cannot take up absolutely toward 9 evening the period of time of 5. This gold period of time can be used only establish human relationship, make brief report, call, or chat face-to-face with the client. Talked one day with the client, the ability after coming home is engaged in cannot producing the job that accepts a person.


7, the client that loves you.

Talk mannerly with the client forever, no matter how do they make you angry sometimes. Remember, the client is king and queen not only, dictatorial still. Clearer than small company operator without the person this, want to endeavor to make a client satisfactory. My course of action is the introduction although demonstrate serves an item,go up, but I often am done more, exceed client expectation. Often surmount agreement project, provide more service, exceed client expectation, this is small proprietor of an enterprise's best advertisement means.
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