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Drugstore middle-level is queasy medium front commander

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Middle-level controller (show inn is long with sectional manager) the backbone force that is company person with ability, their quality discretion, ability whether get be developinged adequately, affect the management of the enterprise and development directly. Regard the medicine that does not move according to market rule as retail industry, middle-level controller appears in the action in enterprise and industry particularly important, because each businesses are hard,value of the administrative pattern that establishs, management train of thought, society, industry is contributed, need just is able to come true through them.

But understand according to the author, among reality, many middle-level controller that interlink drugstore did not obtain put sb in a very important position, the reason of the problem basically has the following sides.

It is “ back ” or tool

Actually the middle-level controller of every retail business, regard the “ front commander of the enterprise as ” , a connecting link between the preceding and the following is their basiccest function. They not only should go fighting and lead troops even. Of middle-level management take off feast to produce domino effect, affect the administrative result of the enterprise badly, the day that this also is drugstore of a few chain not as good as monomer inn (or miniature enterprise) feel well, dimensions fails to produce the reason seat of intensive advantage. Why can you also produce this kind of condition in the enterprise with a lot of very good benefit however? The author thinks, the key depends on a lot of drugstore middle-level controller be in an awkward position, did not receive reasonable understanding, esteem and appropriate right.

Medicine is retail although the industry passed rapid development of nearly 10 years, but look from drugstore amount, what take dominant place in this industry still is monomer drugstore (or miniature enterprise) , that is to say, by the drug that modern company system runs retail business does not have an industry to bring revolutionary change. The other industry with market higher maturity, ” of culture of company of “ of deep know well regards the market of soft actual strength as competitive action, but be in with monomer drugstore (or miniature enterprise) the drugstore industry that is huge cardinal number, ” of “ boss culture is popular, the effect that causes the middle-level controller that manages dominant force as drugstore is weakened.

Someone says: This is the feasibility condition of Chinese enterprise, especially medium and small businesses, boss culture is company culture. The author also accepts this kind of argument, but in the commercial pattern that gives priority to body with market competition, the key is the boss should build what kind of boss culture to affect, lead middle-level governor, shape the culture of company of —— of soft actual strength of out body gradually. The author thinks to be in current drugstore trade, no matter be company culture or boss culture,existing too much boss impress: It is the administrative pattern of ” of Home “ the world; 2 it is the psychology that Xiaofu installs namely; 3 it is “ expands ” psychology; 4 it is I the state of mind of choose and employ persons of faithful obedience; 5 it is the administrative idea with diversionary balance; 6 it is the administrative method that listen to employee to comment and studies look forward to. Below this kind of circumstance, the “ back ” that middle-level controller regards an enterprise as also can have the effect of a tool only at most, to having the middle-level governor of ability truly, they can fall in the condition of a kind of lose only answering the job, damage the development of enterprise and industry finally.
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