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The course that goods in stock of brand shop of shallow analyse dress runs

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  3 characteristics of garment industry:

1, of garment industry product coessential China more serious, competition is quite intense;

2, dress is seasonal more apparent, and vicissitude of the market is sharp;

3, dress is designing change with each passing day, consumer asks on dress design taller and taller, especially female outfit.

As a result of the characteristic of garment industry, a lot of enterprises face a collective quandary now, that is the business it is prosperous it seems that, but arrived discover after one check end of the year, the silver that the enterprise earns one year stays in storehouse, a lot of administrator think, rate of garment industry change is too rapid, no matter match from the design of dress, colour, waited to raise very tall requirement to clothing company with makings, charge for the making of sth. , want to catch up with the market also can each is done, the goods in storehouse is normal then more, this is the character of garment industry.

Oneself do not seek a means, think over without development, the reason germ with overmuch goods in stock is over there; Yes, making clothing is the characteristic that has an industry, impossible requirement accomplishs 0 inventory management, that also is not representing stock is normal phenomenon too much, have namely also control the proportion with be in certain that talent is suitable inside limits, goods in stock is put in storehouse to cannot calculate then doing is silver, want idea to turn goods in stock into silver to just go, to these we can begin to improve from the following respects.

1. Accurate beforehand appraise sales volume, in order to sell a system of fixed quotas for grain production

The position of brand shop is different, everyday guest discharge also is different, special in different area, that is more apparent; Abundant appraise sales volume cannot rely on experience, should be a basis to just go with scientific data analysis. To improve the management to brand shop, a lot of enterprises installed POS machine to brand shop, will rise to sell several analysis to brand shop with this, want sale beforehand of appraise relatively some more accurate, must the information management system with contemporary and advanced have the aid of, strengthen pair of relevant data analysises, accurate beforehand appraise sales volume, in order to sell a system of fixed quotas for grain production.

2. Know market information in time, the design fits the product of the market

Because garment industry is seasonal particularly apparent, dress product change has quickly is garment industry another characteristic, the style that consumer likes a few days, color, do not represent she still will like tomorrow, want to had acted as to collect the important task of market information with respect to requirement brand shop at this moment, understand in time and gather the information of market a gleam of, feedback information in time to design a ministry, let design a ministry to be able to develop the pattern that fits market demand according to the demand of the market, can catch up with the tide of the market. As the design personnel always also cannot be waited for in the office, cost uses up the brains wanting to design, can have the aid of is contemporary the network joint market that develop is designed actually. Dress design thinking should come from at the life, in the life that walks into people.
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