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Chain manages a talent to foster no time to delay

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3 big reasons cause a talented person in short supply, specialization degree remains to raise ———

Released a few days ago " resource of labor power of Chinese chain industry develops a report " point out, because the industry has grown fast and the talent grooms the mechanism is insufficient, chain manages an industry to facing vast talent shortage. And on the concessionary management congress that just concluding, the personage inside a lot of course of study also expresses to the author: Because interlink management industry to develop the history short and rate is rapid, together with institution of higher learing is in this respect infuse is insufficient, bring about chain to manage a talent to be in short supply, because this accelerates chain,manage specialization the talent's education already became no time to delay.

The author is in visit Beijing University baby of Qing Diao, Oriental love, round-the-world elegant the discovery in considering the chain company such as the school, talent of chain business management is in short supply already made general appearance.

Liang Jun of general manager of company of APTECH of Beijing University green bird expresses, since Beijing University Qing Diao is carried out concessionary since the business mode that join in, had tied 242 centers, staff to collectivity from original 14 employee development more than 10000 people. But the talented person that is running a side is in short supply still, the talented person that wants to enrol respect of the manager that suits battalion of already of look forward to, development, administration to, chief inspector from the market for instance is almost 0, the promotion in doing not have method to be able to do stuff from in-house bone only, education passes endless training to just begin try out mount guard.

“ interlinks the talent of management field to want to know an industry already, want to understand company culture again, draw on the controller that can use to have hardly, especially the middle-level government person with ability of each branches more be in short supply, the middle-level government person with ability of 40% begins to be fostered from basic level backbone. ” east loves Gu Jun of baby company general manager to express.

Round-the-world elegant think of Zhang Yongqi of school total principal to also have the same feeling to this, he expresses, classics of chain of all trades and professions

The administrative person with ability of battalion respect is very in short supply, will tell with respect to market chief inspector or manager level person with ability, unless be,from inside course of study of person of the same trade “ digs ability ” , the practice that is a person of the same trade to dig the administrative person with ability that come to also must pass period of time just can be competent this post.


 ■ 3 big reasons bring about chain to manage a talent to be in short supply
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