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Breach of talent of chain management division 600 thousand

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As economic development, the administrative person with ability that interlinks an industry also more and more suffer talent market to welcome. The reporter groomed from manpower resource and obtain employment of China of social security ministry recently instructor center understands, this center will roll out chain management division formally on May 31, 2008 new occupation is pilot groom. So, what is chain management division? What does main job content have? Obtain employment foreground how? What skill to need again?

   Chain management division needs to have integrated technical ability

Interlink management division, it is to show those who safeguard chain to manage is normal move, the science of stimulative chain management is changed, modern chain management professional. Basically offer for the enterprise manage with flow of financial management, operation, and content shedding and deserve to send, purchase decision-making wait for a service with brand and the inventory control, management that prevent damage, crisis management. Chain management division can be engaged in interlinking the job of the management in section of company headquarters business and technical respect, chain company the government of each inn works, chain business other people sheds the job of the management that deserves to send a center and technical application respect, the corresponding management that reachs modern business company and technology use the job of the respect; And obtain employment direction still can face store of branch of chain management company grow (branch manager) , purchase director of news of business of director, storage director, chain.

Want to make chain management division, want to be able to be known read sale and market plan, collection and arrange buy sheet please, collect inventory detail is only; Headquarters can be designed to organize a structure below guidance, make headquarters function and structure of design headquarters organization and headquarters are departmental a basic function, make the main station obligation of door inn, make the service demand of each inn; Can assist make circuit of manpower resource program, undertake the invite applications for a job of employee and employ, knowledge read " employee assessment appraisal is expressed " , be versed in into clerk assessment is evaluated, staff job judges make allowance for to evaluate a standard, employee grooms into duty, system of employee conduct ethic, human affairs grooms, can explain system of business ways of the world; Can assist undertake customer service grooms, undertake public concern explains to public, principle of introductory business management, can assist principle of new business management to groom, fixed position of market of chain management commodity, client fixed position, price fixed position. Can choose to interlink management commodity to purchase management way, commodity orders goods means; Can undertake ordering goods palaver, make purchase a contract and have order statistic.
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