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Search concessionary join in the project had better go city of a gleam of

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In " byelaw " behavior of normative and concessionary person and protection are issued by the influence of concessionary person interest, investor is concessionary to future of management industry anticipate taller and taller. Anticipate to cater to this to plant, more and more concessionary join in exhibit also can send a project to come, transfer to 23 lines city from city of a gleam of. Nevertheless, letting what investor of 23 lines city is surprised is, these to the project of door mouth coming, its authenticity makes a person oppugn, the disloyal conduct propaganda of false project is full of the public media of these cities.

23 lines of “ city the project of 50% is false project, prefectural class city 90% it is false project. The personage inside ” course of study reminds, investor had better arrive of city of a gleam of exhibit can look for a project.

   Concessionary join in exhibit the meeting is flush

“ is in 23 lines city, false project has attacked in force public media, affect most large-scale people. Union of ” China trade is concessionary groom Gou Qingchun of department vice director says afraidly, of prefectural class city concessionary join in exhibit meeting 90% above are false project, 23 class city 50% it is false project.

Those who make Gou Qingchun more anxious is, these false projects had ascended the public media of city of on 23 lines, TV, broadcast and planar media, without omit, influence range is very wide. “ basis " commerce is concessionary management regulations " , this is illegal behavior. ”

From last year on May 1 " byelaw " carry out up to now, already time of near 1 year, “ " byelaw " do not carry out reach the designated position, department of Commerce, country is industrial and commercial total bureau is right concessionary joining in the industry superintends not do one's best is main reason. Speak bluntly of ” Gou Qingchun, a lot of execute the law personnel is right concessionary join in the industry lacks understanding.

Association is run in China some controller in the eye, compare the superintendency not do one's best of 23 lines city, of city of a gleam of concessionary join in exhibit the meeting is relatively regular, of city of a gleam of exhibiting the characteristic of the meeting is investment big, be in commonly 200 thousand yuan of ~ 300 thousand yuan of above, some investment project needs millions even, but these item technological process are more perfect.

Concessionary chain of the 8th whole nation joins in Li Gong of vise general manager of project of poineering Shenyang exhibition observes, be in recently concessionary join in exhibit on the meeting, project of service line of business is increasing. The life character of this and person concerns “ , be in especially of city of a gleam of exhibit in the meeting, serve project more. ” Li Gong introduces, of the service project such as meal, sufficient cure, hairdressing join in compare fire, usually, of these projects join in cost does not poor, be in commonly 1 million yuan of ~ 2 million yuan between, some is as high as millions of yuan.
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