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Six principles to join the brand selection of clothing

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If you are just entering the field of apparel or clothing business is not a very long time, experience is not very rich, they will surely be a loss, do not know what kind of brand choice to join the. In fact, back in your shop has not opened on the occasion, the future success of the business may already be preordained. This successful first step, to choose what kind of brands from the start. 1, the brand positioning Join the brand in the selection of the beginning of the first cities to which you should always do a certain understanding of the apparel market, especially if you shop around the shopping district of the peer situation, to do heart bottom. If your area is not the level of consumption compared to economically developed areas matter sorted out, then you can not easily blind the introduction of high-priced clothing; if you shop around a lot of open house attached casual brand, competition is particularly fierce, then you you can stagger the operating range, will be targeted at the ladies, or wear, the effect will be better; and consumer preference for origin or local women in Shanghai, Guangdong produced do not like, you can give priority to join the brand in Shanghai ... ... these problems are clear, under these circumstances to determine the approximate join the brand positioning, and then join the brand targeted search can be more effective, improve the success rate. Before you decide to join the brand, before you answer the following questions must be very clear in mind - Do you want to join the men's, women's or children's clothing brand? • Local products acceptable price? Do you want to join the brand style is casual wear, business wear or ladies? • Local consumers have to buy any special clothing preferences? Do you plan to invest the amount of money? Your goal this time the brand has narrowed the scope to a certain extent, may have produced several candidates for the brand, then you can back according to the projects mentioned in our article to a filter. 2, the product popularity Clothing is a special commodity, it depends entirely on the consumer to buy goods like level. Because of this, you want to join the brand clothing at a local reputation is good, how the popularity of the product are factors that need to focus on study. This can be in several areas to examine. First of all, the brand's popularity in all regions to what extent? Consumers reckoning position? Directly to the brands you can obtain the past sales data, you can also learn from the side, from shopping malls, ran the brand the agent aware of its sales. Secondly, according to the brand's positioning and style of products, about what proportion of the local people would be interested in purchasing this product?, Judging the number of your target customer base is not enough. Third, look at the pricing of its products are not in similar brands at competitive prices? Design style with the local consumer habits and preferences are not consistent and avoid contradictions and conflict. It should be noted that the product is a brand popularity on the one hand the result of years of slowly settling, on the other hand it is also closely related to the company's advertising-supported. If a brand is continuing in the national media advertising, to maintain a certain media exposure, the popularity of it is saying must be proportional. 3, a reasonable profit margin Well, this one is certainly one of the most important principles. Joined the company can not give you enough profit? Just look at the surface of the supplier and the replacement rate of discount, is not enough, there are many hidden items that you may not see. Let us count the end of an account it rough. You need input about: * Shop rental (you may need a one-time payment of three months or six months rent) * Shop decoration costs (one-time investment) * Capital goods (such as 45% of the purchase discount, then the retail value of 10 million items, you need to pay 4.5 million) • Personnel salaries * Monthly store daily expenses (utility costs, etc.) Expected income: According to the traffic and shop where the business district around the brand's sales, estimated number of daily sales, the best two going to do the minimum to arrive at the daily turnover rate. We must remember to take into account a discount factor, often not in accordance with the retail prices of goods to sell, there will be a lot of promotions and discounts. Next to the income and investment is expected to subtract the estimated range of your profits will probably be in what kind of space? Up to how much profit margin, the minimum and how much? About how long to recover its investment? One is better high and low stand now. 4, the company development Clear understanding of the development of brands, including history, current status and future trends, on important decisions of your choice. As your supplier, but also business partners, your company's growth and development is inextricably linked. We certainly want to select a good credit rating, maturity and healthy development of the company to work together. If the limited conditions, at least the following should be clear that the company's basic situation: * Development of the first stores to now how many years of history? * The current number of home outlets, the number of stores? Plans to expand to the number of stores? * The company's credit situation right? * The company also operated a total of a few brands? * In addition to headquarters outside. Company has no branches or other parts of the country offices? * Does the company have its own production base? Do you come into contact with our sales staff is professional enough? Of course, here to point out that the company mature and develop good business conditions generally choose to join a higher initial fee charged is also high, high barriers to entry means that plant, while the support and services to provide more perfect, you The relatively higher guarantee of success; and small companies just getting started there is no restriction in this regard or few restrictions, but by the inch: not been established, bite problems can be encountered more, the relative risks greater. Trade-off between the two depends on your own experience in the investment budget and business. 5, the supply is normal This is a lot of people tend to be ignored, but in fact really important. Even if you have pride in other aspects of perfect, but you want the best-selling varieties often out of stock, how can your business is good? Meanwhile, we should understand clearly before joining this a little difficult. Because if you asked bluntly sales staff, they will boldly tell you that you may rest assured that their supply is very good. The reality is that now many domestic small and medium sized brands in more or less problems in this regard, a point which must be fully prepared for - unless you choose a certain amount of mature brand, you can fully trust them. But difficult does not mean there is no way out. You can through the company, or get other kinds of channels are currently operating (or have been operating over) a franchisee of the brand the phone number to call to contact them directly, the answer is the most authentic. 6, training and service support Finally, it is actually the most important point. Very real problem, now many of our franchisees in the garment business most of the lack of business experience, to ensure a high success rate of the business, a great need for training support company. From the store image, display the guide, small goods management, use of sales promotion, if the company can have a set of methods to train you, that the success of your business have a guarantee of more than half, otherwise uncertain future. Mature brand stores all over the company should be like carved out of a mold, in the image, props, display of goods, services and other areas staff are unified. To understand a company's level of management training franchise, is very simple to look at several different areas of the shop, the situation is clear, and this point, as ESPRIT, LEVIS mature foreign brands such works so well. With such companies, from the first day, the company will be for you to develop a detailed training plan, even if you experience the original value of zero, you did not worry, just follow the training program to learn, you will become a qualified professional clothing franchise managers. But for many of the domestic brands are still under development, this point can not be done. Many companies receive your payment after the initial fee and to quietly, and neither the training nor the training materials. There is no clothing retail experience of joining the novice, it is almost equivalent to half ruined the possibility of business success, the rest can only be a genius to do business on their own. Do not know with such a company, you have confidence in ourselves, how many? So, before joining the signing, but also ask the company to give you clear how much training and support services. It is very important.
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