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Poly Garment Co., Ltd. Dongguan Tao "Ai Lun silk" dress was founded in 2002, after 8 years of concentrated operations and constant innovation, has developed into the design, production, marketing, integration of the business operation of the system, to produce and sell leisure, fashion series of women-oriented product of the modern enterprise. The company has 5,000 square meters of production plants, employing nearly 600 people. Microcomputer with advanced facilities regulated machines, the Japanese original high-speed vehicles, inspection machine of the latest machinery and equipment, the introduction of the latest Japanese production model "JIT" assembly-line, the production of clothing about 200 million pieces / sets. Committed to joining the company / agent / terminal construction and sales outlets to ensure the success of our customers take the road of sustainable development, so that all like "Ai Lun silk" from which customers can experience the brand a new clothing culture "Ai Lun silk" brand casual, fashion series in mainland China, the formation of a certain market, to enrich the content of multiple charm, the trend in many other clothing to create a fresh feeling, so creative freedom volatile, demonstrating the diverse of personal style, we continue to improve the competitiveness of their products, and constantly deepen the "Ai Lun silk" brand culture to impress consumers and foster the potential consumer base, and create brand affinity, and ultimately successful strategy to keep step Bureau. Business philosophy: integrity, responsibility, teamwork, honor Honesty: sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, to allow differences to enjoy the honor of each of the collective efforts of the people, open communication, empathy, create an open, create excellent team, value team honor, integrity and win-win Responsibility: "to create value for customers, to provide consumers with satisfactory products" oriented, positive and optimistic attitude towards life and a strong sense of mission, dedication and pursuit of happiness of our common dream Team: habitual action team to realize that each employee has been rooted in the hearts everywhere in the enterprise and down to form a atmosphere for the sake of customers, customers and end consumers to build by adding "Ai Lun silk" team Honor: the pursuit of more customers by adding "Ai Lun silk" team, so that "Ai Lun silk" clothing culture is rooted in consumer content and is our honor ① brand concept: respected fashion, leisure and emotional ideas, concepts into modern fashion, with the popular elements of the brand combined with the practical nature of the digital age, fashion, art, leisure and integration, focusing on the details and meaning of the brand ② brand positioning: an independent, free and sensual urban women as objects, to better reflect the mood of their adult identity, youth and vitality, is an attitude toward life ③ brand consumer groups: 18 -30 years (extension of 20 -35 years) free, independent, flamboyant urban women, numbers do not represent the age, women's health is young, simple, stylish, dynamic (and fashion ideas they know how to form their own style of consumers, with their own style, know how to "art" "fashion" in a fashion the main consumers of key words into their own password) ④ market price of the brand positioning: a) first-line sales in the country, second-tier markets, proprietary trading, agency, franchise monopoly b) Department of spring and summer prices winter :89-268 :98-388
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