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Alert: Wolf Jeans franchise business is a liar

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Reflect consumers against fraud can be cowboy wolf, the first not to pay, first choice in the exhibition offer packaged goods, and cold number-crunching, personally takes the goods leave, if they want you to be all kinds of reasons pay, then you slide it up, a pure liar, do not listen to its rhetoric. You can also Alipay payment, so you choose the goods received and the inspection of the re-lending, and if not, then you have the bugger out. Join us now for many companies is a lie, are now people want to seize the business mentality. I advise you have this fee to join, keep your point in a number of goods into the wholesale market, slowly groping, than to be a strong wolf wolf denim jeans crook official website, wolf cowboy liar, Wolf joined the liar jeans, jeans Wolf liar, liar jeans Wolf, Wolf joined the liar jeans what is the origin? Wolf, formerly known as denim trousers brand is still cool, then the predecessor of the French King Cool Long pants, showing that this is also regarded as a wolf pants Join industry veteran impostor. Apparel industry, no entity shell companies often use business management company, brand management company, XX International Enterprise Group, as the business name, consistent with the characteristics of wolf cowboy liar. According to deceive the needs of intermediary companies spend money to hire a fake company registered in Hong Kong, in Beijing to register a business management company, in fact, a handbag company (rental of office space, warehouse rental base, market purchases of a number of jeans frill , no entities), they do not produce clothing, is purchasing from the market, and then from a brand name for packaging, then investment, their essence is a wholesaler, and the difference between the regular wholesale, no pay to before they will not your quotation, or price can not be reported to the pick, you take the money to pay 19,800 yuan, and then send you the actual value of the goods (the wholesale market), only less than 6,000 yuan. To the regular wholesaler where you can be as long as 7,000 yuan. They lie to your first payment is close to 1.2 million.
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