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Clothing store location of the four skills of joining

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Clothing store clothing store operator in the process of site selection is a priority. How does clothing store located in the end? Both a macro-plan, but also have details of the pursuit. Clothing store location is a systematic and careful work, we need to Clothing store in the open before the site give serious consideration to how clothing, brand clothing store site selection, how to open clothing store location of such a problem. Strategic location on the clothing store have to have long-term view, a broad mind and extraordinary soul Force?? "Big sites", tactical clothing store on the site to local conditions, flexibility. "Wang", not a single element can determine, the following site just like to share with you the "strategy", "tactical." Vexatious district election retreat The so-called "vexatious retreat" is the shop in determining, in accordance with the positioning of clothing stores, select crowded, commercial activities between the business district, to avoid the remote environment. "District" that is, clothing store located point as the center, to Outside the extension of a distance, this distance is the radius of a circle consisting of consumption loop. Traffic conditions, terrain and geographical landscape, customer characteristics and activities of each layer income customers are the factors that determine good or bad business district. District is generally divided into three categories: mature central business circles, forming the district and community-based district. The first is the core of the city's business district, whether the city would go to people or outsiders; forming a regional district general Of commercial office building or development zones, to shopping in general is the fast pace of life, chasing the fashion trend of young people; community-based district is the main consumer groups of consumers living in the surrounding communities. District affected by various constraints, and its shape was often irregular, but in theory, the district can use three levels of the structure of three concentric circles of varying sizes to represent. The key is to determine the level of semi- Trail distance. To the clothing store in the residential area, for example, generally 500 meters radius of the main shopping district, a sub-district radius of 1,000 meters, 1,500 meters radius of the third district, walking time were 8,15,20 minutes . There are also purchasing power from outside the district, such as the flow of purchasing power, purchasing power and other special relationship, but a very small proportion. Of course, these figures are figures of experience, specific to every boutiques, you need first-hand as the amendment to the residents based on survey data. Industry, business conditions for different types of clothing, clothing stores of various sizes , The district will have very different radii, is not immutable. Go into the city Related to the aggregation of clothing help to improve the same target consumer group's concerns, the thought of buying a product that people will naturally think of this street, such as Beijing's Xidan, Wangfujing and so on. Therefore, the choice of similar garments Comparison of high-profile brand in the concentration of commercial, consumer buying goal is clear, both to enhance the image of clothing stores, clothing stores and help to improve sentiment. According to the city environment, businesses, streets of different elements, their customer orientation is different from the clothing store site, according to their customer orientation and brand positioning to determine clothing store addresses. Location to location and brand positioning Associated Transfer, should not fear to go along with rivals and even and adversaries together. Together to create a market, which in the current "rent too high" conditions, after an alternative remedy. Small city to open large stores, to seize the first principle People tend to easily remember the highest mountain in the world, few people would second highest mountain memories. "First principles" everywhere in marketing, such as dandruff shampoo purchase would immediately think of "Head & Shoulders", which is Because Head & Shoulders in entering the Chinese market, the first launch of the concept of dandruff. Another example is talking about "King of Kowloon, animal husbandry," think of "professional trousers", which are the "first principles" closely integrated with the brand positioning success stories. China's accession to WTO, competition in the domestic market caused by changes in foreign second and third tier brands have entered the Mainland, accounting for entering the first big cities in China; and the brand relative to the increasingly saturated major cities, small cities will become the future Important battle position. Under the first principle, before the foreign brands to enter the small city, if we can seize the opportunity to open clothing store in a small city, is equivalent to the terminal solid first step toward winning. Meanwhile, small cities with Rent advantage in the amount of unchanged into the small city shop, clothing stores, a larger, one can intuitively and effectively to focus the attention of customers to attract customers to visit; second entry is relatively wide, customers easy access to the shop And can stay more customers, the greater the chance of turnover. Of course, the small city to open large stores should also be considered in harmony with the city's specifications. Big city or shop to open flagship store Small city to open large stores, clothing stores operations to seize the first principle put forward new ideas, and in the large cities of the location and how the shop should use tactics that do 7 or city flagship store to open shop. The same brand A pedestrian street in the same breath to open 5-6 stores are now more popular approach, such cases abound: Zhongshan Road, Shijiazhuang, there are six "Jeanswest" clothing store, "Nike" the most prosperous in Changchun There are four street Stores, Guiyang within 150 meters of a street there are two "KFC" ... ... Shop for the big cities and more cities the characteristics and psychology of consumer shopping: city shops and more information-rich, consumers tend to compare similar clothing and then make a purchase. Even the same brand in the street a few stores open To form a brand of "big rally", and strengthen the brand impression in the minds of consumers, increasing the probability of turnover. Shop more common way to scattered locations, echoed each other better.
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