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China garment factory back orders

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As Chinese factory labor shortages, many companies have taken place in Japan from China arrived to postpone the event clothing. Many Japanese companies based on hearsay evidence to suspect that this is the factory in the "deliberate delay", ready to explore China Procurement outside the ground. According to the Japanese NHK television station Web site on Oct. 27 reported that major Japanese retailers Aeon's supermarket sales of clothing, about 8 percent from China. Recently, the Chinese supplier delivery schedule of events can not be frequent Occurred. In addition, the management "MUJI" the yield plan company, and management "Uniqlo" the fast sales companies also have experienced the same situation. NHK said that the normal delay in the sale of these companies. This article analyzes said that due to rising labor costs, labor shortage in some Chinese supplier factories, it appears the phenomenon of delay in delivery. However, Aeon, general manager of Okada element is speculation that Chinese enterprises to do so is "intentional "." As the rare earth, China may be deliberately delayed in garment exports. "He said Aeon in the next two years, imports from China to compressed to about half of the whole. The article also said that many Japanese AEON garment echoed the practice of procurement should extend to the Southeast Asian region to ensure stability and smooth delivery.
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