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Innovation Forum 2010 Chinas clothing dealers held on 21

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October 22, by the Hangzhou Municipal Government, China International Silk Fair and China International Exhibition Organizing Committee of Women, organized network of Chinese clothing, Chinese clothing dealer service centers host the "2010 China Garment dealer Innovation Forum" will take place at Hangzhou World Leisure Expo Garden Hotel, the first held, the hotel has a "China expert conference services brand," said.
The Innovation Forum is "concerned about the distribution of development, to lead the distribution of change" as its theme, gather in Hangzhou Jiebai Vice President Mr. Zheng Xuegen, Intime Mr. Liao Bin, CEO e-commerce, women dress artistic director of Mr. Deng Lifu diary, Beijing Century Frontier Chief management consultant Mr. Xu Bin, Shanghai One still Consultants Principal Lecturer Mr. Hao Yingli, China Garment Network ( CEO Mr. Chen Xuejun and other industry leaders, more than 300 clothing distributors, agents, joined the meeting through the "theme speech, Summit, interactive communication, "three main activities, the common law of development of the apparel industry and the dealer change the way for future innovation.

According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center released "2010 (I) Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" Monitoring data shows that: As of the end of June 2010, the Chinese e-commerce market (only B2B, B2C, C2C) transactions reached 2.25 trillion; which, B2C and C2C online shopping transactions reached 2,000 billion yuan, and is expected to B2C transactions in 2010 was 430 billion size.

E-commerce not only led to basic services, including network, storage, logistics, pay channels, Internet marketing, Internet advertising, trade or other areas of extension, which also spawned a full-time shop sellers, shop decorator, "network model" a large number of new jobs.

On the clothing industry, "online retail", "network channels", "online shopping" and other hot topics of current industry, the summit will undoubtedly become a major part. China's leading department stores in particular listed companies - Intime 1833.HK's electronic commerce network (Intime network) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Liu Bin's presence, as the clothing industry and e-commerce channel is a major industry focus. It is reported that is Intime Liu Bin, Internet line from the first time in a public venue debut.

"The power of millions of business investment company, operating nearly 500 teams, nearly 300 brands, 40,000 product models b2c platform formally launched from the preparation to the test market, this is a huge project," Liu Bin said smug. Then, by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center to bring you a detailed report of this summit.

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