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"China spins machine famous city " settle Shanxi Jin Zhongyu second

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On July 26 afternoon, "In advance (Yu second) · China spins machine famous city " the ceremony that give a shop sign is held in Shanghai Pudong new developed area. Association of Chinese textile industry, Shanxi saves the leader such as municipal government of the municipal Party committee in advance, and China and foreign countries spins media of aircraft company delegate, clothing company delegate, news in all 200 more than person attended the meeting.

On the meeting, read out of vice-chairman of Chen Shujin of association of Chinese textile industry " association of Chinese textile industry awards Shanxi advance in (Yu second) China spins title of machine famous city " decision, vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry, China spins aircraft consortium chairman to the shop sign is given in tall Yong Xiangjin and speak, he is in affirmative in recent years Yu second spin machine industry grows and obtain result while, to Jin Zhongyu second the program henceforth offerred new hope. He says: "The ceaseless promotion of the spin cost that brings as a result of a variety of element place, occurrent deep administrative levels adjusts Chinese spin industry. Mirror on the demand to equipment, the heavy dimensions from in the past, heavy output, heavy speed, change to automation, whole set, intelligence changes directional development. The developed country is equipment makes big country, china should revitalize equipment manufacturing industry, china spins machine market to still have very large latent capacity. In advance (Yu second) having doinging spin while aircraft group is built, it is how to have industrial structural adjustment next. It is how to have industrial structural adjustment next..

The city in advance is had the honor to win this " China spins machine famous city " , also be in advance market is being faced once in a blue moon period of historical good luck. Zhang Pu of the mayor in Li Yonghong of secretary of the municipal Party committee in advance, advance attends the meeting and speak. They go out in speaking middle finger: There are 3 great opportunities in advance: The first it is the country is carried out mid rise abruptly the strategy; The 2nd be " build new Shanxi " good luck. Construction country is new-style base of the sources of energy, already made Shanxi province advocate card games, execute a series of can develop policy continuously; The 3rd it is Shanxi province about ' big Taiyuan economy is encircled ' the strategy of construction. The municipal Party committee in advance, municipal government gives the key industry in economy of the industry in spinning machine industry to serve as advance support and guide, special organization personnel undertakes survey to its, and spin machine the city in labelling advance " 915 " one of pillar industries.

2007 second half of the year, classics of the city in advance appoint, city business association is below the sectional assistance such as industrial and commercial, qualitative inspect, the city in establishing advance spins machine industry chamber of commerce, through strengthening communication is communicated inside course of study, advance spin construction of machine industry group. Offer application to association of Chinese textile industry at the same time, the hope falls in the help of association, make industrial group pilot unit, try hard with all possible means through association, government and enterprise, collective advance in (Yu second) make become China to spin machine famous city.
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