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Heavy rain of near future of the Anhui province is not big to pily crop influenc

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According to message of institute of science of atmosphere of the Anhui province, on July 23, general of the eastpart part of the Huaihe River of north of the Huaihe River of the Huaihe River of edge of the Anhui province, river falls rainstorm, big rainstorm. Because precipitation is strong and concentration, water of guest of together with upper reaches is bigger, the fluvial water level such as river of the Huaihe River is swift and violent rise, seeper cannot be discharged oneself, cause the sinkage such as north of the Huaihe River of edge the Huaihe River to form serious waterlogging, cause this area crop to get flood, edaphic fertility prediction of a person's luck in a given year is serious, grow to crop constitute menace.

Cotton of the Anhui province is worth squaring to open florescence, it is cotton has been built " high yield is worn " crucial period. Pily inundation did not support to did not exceed 24 hours, individual plant of the cotton after catchment can appear slight wilting phenomenon, young bud falls off, blade hair is yellow, without dead seedling phenomenon, measure remedies after wanting calamity only seasonable, proper, cotton restores to grow faster, lesser to crop influence.

According to observatory of the Anhui province newest forecast, 25 ~ will save for the most part Ou Yiqing 27 days to heat up high temperature weather to give priority to in July, parcel area has short Shi Lei afternoon showery.

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