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Brillant area " brand strategy " the path that spin industry survives

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"The energy-saving to the country policy that decrease a platoon, enterprise of spin printing and dyeing should not feel pressure only, also want to see among them opportunity. " 25 days, the energy-saving forum that decrease a platoon is in industry of garment of Fosan city spin brillant area is held, xi Dan of vice-president of guild of Chinese printing and dyeing establishs a professor to build business of character spin printing and dyeing.

Up to 2007, brillant area shares spin clothing company 40, annual produce ten billion two hundred and fifty-seven million yuan, 12.8% what hold dimensions above gross value of industrial output. Emerge in large numbers gave Guangdong excessive to amount to a batch of capital such as spin limited company the talent's concentrated, concentrated bibcock enterprise. The area that brillant area holds 22 days this month appoint on plenary meeting, put forward to amount to spin limited company to be bibcock with Guangdong excessive, make spin property base. According to concerning a program, to 2010, predict production value of property of brillant area spin will exceed 30 billion yuan.

However, industry of brillant area spin also faces a challenge. In enterprise of brillant area spin, the dimensions company that investment surpasses 30 million yuan is only 23, investment of many spin clothing business are lesser, deepness treatment product adds less, high value product renown actor product is little, little, add have own brand company not much and in science and technology innovation investment is not worth those who wait for an element to restrict, industry of brillant area spin is more circumjacent compare with posture of type spin industry, competition ability still opposite weaker.

Actually, guangdong saves whole spin industry to also face a series of challenges. Province classics appoint Ou Yiyong of industrial department deputy director general expresses, suffer a RMB to appreciate to export drawback policy to adjust with the country wait for adverse element influence, this year 1 ~ in May, although industrial production value is mixed,I save industry of dimensions above spin advocate business Wu income grows compared to the same period 17.33% with 14.70% , but deficit range and deficit specified number grow compared to the same period however 27.14% with 25.03% .

Here the environment falls, regard Chinese spin industry as the brillant area of base, how to promote the development of spin industry the standard? "Energy-saving decreasing a platoon also is the motivation that spin industry adjusts promotion actually. " Xi Dan stands think, the development of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon begins the reshuffle that brings spin industry necessarily, a batch of enterprises may close down at this point, but live the enterprise that come down especially the brand will be better development. Accordingly, the spin company of brillant area also should use a technology actively to promote an enterprise to develop a standard, form brand effect, such, ability of industry of brillant area spin lives in competition, development.
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