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Shoemaking industry grows environmental protection of inevitable trend science a

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The advent of the times after industrialization, be sure to bring the issue that an environment pollutes, this is Chinese problem not only, also be the problem of a globalization, safety of environmental safety and economy, politics is euqally important. Those who maintain an environment is durative it is the collective challenge that the whole world faces, each national capital is accountability make hard for this. China already was carried out inside countrywide limits on June 1, 2008 " be restricted model makes " , aim to adopt a change the shopping habit of people, decrease plastic rubbish and cause from this " white is polluted " , managing the sources of energy, improvement environment.

Well-known, the metropolis in the process of shoemaking, curry is right it is environment, certain to be formed to human body harm. In advocate protective environment, maintain ecological balance, build person and the setting of the natural, harmonious relationship between person and person, enterprise of shoemaking, curry also will be the one one's share that assumes this responsibility. It is reported, after July 1, 2009, those did not undertake chemical is registered, evaluate, accredit and limitation (the spin of REACH) and shoe walk on a project not country of admit European Union, because at present shoe of numerous finished product is done not have waterproof, fight bacterium and heat-resisting function, use data can bring a harm to the mankind and environment. All over the world the times of escalate of people environmental protection, healthy consciousness, shoe regards people as the indispensable every day object in the life, people is higher and higher to his quality requirement.

Current, shoemaking course of study is in in unparalleled difficult position. Be in abroad, numerous country initiates turn over a dumping, trade barrier. In home, the RMB appreciates, all sorts of cost rise, policy of constrictive, country adjusts money etc. These reasons make the brim that partial shoe look forward to closes down or unripe existence closes down, look forward to of another part shoe is searching an outlet hardly.

Transition is inevitable road, however transition is not easy thing. Did the export trade, business that perhaps sticks a card some once upon a time, through building a brand oneself, or acting brand, be on the road of the brand thereby. The fact proves, in this brand bristly market environment falls, the route that takes a brand is not easy to do, need the course that an a large number of investment and time accumulate. Perhaps shoemaking enterprise more should eye is cast to the market, set out from the demand of the market, adjust oneself ability product structure, undertake transition upgrades. A large number of facts and current situation make clear, science and technology, environmental protection is the inevitable tendency that shoemaking industry grows, also will be the important chip that shoemaking company did not participate in the market compete. This is adumbrative also, who goes in front in this two respects, who is sure to master competitive initiative.
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