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Investigation of 2009 popular fabrics buys a hand to say to pay close attention

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On July 14, "Dress of 2008 China International crosses a country to purchase Fair " held successful ground to gather together numerous ginseng exhibits business and Mai Jiaqi to get together Shanghai, and among them the most absorbing window should be belonged to " 2009 popular fabrics are investigated " activity. The reporter is opposite of inquiry when buying the home to undertake interviewing, hear a hand ceaselessly people the favorable report that investigates an activity to this, participate the effect from the whole of fabrics, to the organizer's intention considerate service has higher satisfaction to spend.

The Li Kui of limited company of clothing of heart of Qingdao blessing embellish east it is to attend for the first time " dress of 2008 China International crosses a country to purchase Fair " and " 2009 fabrics investigate an activity " , in the numerous design and color that sees supplier place is offerred when fashionable and new, changeful fabrics, feel to be harvested this very big. The clothing company that he is in is main the sheet outside be engaged in manages treatment, it is to need to participate in this to plant very much comprehensive and have the representative activity that buy the home. The guard of door of tiger of Guangdong Dongguan city that he inquires to this enrichs the people the 12N canvas that Tai Xingfu expects the city is offerred, sincere leave industrial the impression of a few fabrics such as offerred wool flannelette is good. The vogue that character of Li Kui Dong Tan is fabrics and novel design and color and good weaving technology attracted him, and after going back will need according to the design of clothing company, get in touch with the supplier as soon as possible.

The Liu Liping of Shanghai heart and dress limited company has attended China International dress to cross a country to purchase Fair for many times, attend this " dress of 2008 China International crosses a country to purchase Fair " be opposite among them " 2009 popular fabrics are investigated " establish exhibit an area impressive and have very big gains. Make the clothing company that inside and outside sells at the same time to, while the consideration ensures dress designs treatment, they also are having higher demand to popular element. When this Liu Liping is investigating an activity to reveal an area to choose fabrics galley proof, combined a company to be in next the design train of thought of dress of Chun Xia popularity, specific aim ground chooses to accord with the fabrics of element of Chun Xia popularity. Such not only OK and managing cost, amortize commerce price difference; And in the fabrics that investigation of popular in this fabrics reveals, she discovers homebred fabrics gladly not only colors is new, technology is good, and there is competitive advantage quite on the price. Speak of brand dress be on the skill that chooses fabrics, liu Liping talked about her view, the design that moves to mass-tone needs one, it is OK that two are the same as tonal cloth, but nowadays stylist people pay attention to particularly assist the design that deserves to act the role of, this needs a few popularity, fashionable fabrics to undertake alternating matching. Fabrics of net cloth printing mixes the polyamide fibber bright that the management cloth of cloth of velvet, Sai Jile that offers like father-in-law cloth course of study to what value this offers fabrics of printing of dumb beautiful voile, feel pretty good, and had acquired connection with supplier of these a few fabrics.
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