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Chinese natant team member can select a swimwear freely only a few model offer a

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Compared with the bikini in brand shop of fashionable dress brand, no matter the swimsuit of Speedo does not have a law to follow family relevant from color or design. Do not spend this summer, this is called by people " shark skin " the swimsuit is destined to will become the underwater with the modernest whole world to equip.

Speedo company alleges put on this swimsuit to be able to raise the rate of 2% , and about " shark skin " whether the argumentative long-standing that improves athlete result. Nevertheless, this has its distinctive glamour place apparently without the favour that seams joining together swimsuit to be able to get natant famous general of a lot of world. In fact, record of more than 10 when create newly this year new natant worlds is having connection with this swimsuit that the name is Speedo LZR. In sound of a recognition, the world swim of altar this " shark skin " agitation also blew China. Because be able to bear or endure,gram company sponsors China swim army, because of this China natant team member whether dress Speedo swimsuit attends an Olympic Games all the time impeach. Last weeks, chinese natant group expresses to allow athlete freedom to select a swimwear. Zhang Yadong of total coach of Chinese natant team says: "Chinese team is not to change a swimsuit, agree with an athlete to choose to suit his swimsuit however. " can putting on the toppest equipment to give battle Olympic Games is a favour of course, because time is pressing,do not pass, speedo cannot be athlete act according to actual circumstances, only a few model offer an alternative, overgrown issue is more general.

Because develop the material resources of much labor power that costs in the process, " shark skin " the price also is quite breathtaking. Cost exceeds the Speedo LZR swimsuit of 7000 yuan of RMBs to be able to be worn 6 times only, the purpose is to let a player achieve groove when dress. Have good performance to be in the match, choice " shark skin " the athlete also should undertake accommodative when training at ordinary times, play of the ability in such matches gives a level, come so, this expense is quite considerable. Swim the science and technology inside the pool " dark battle " , nature also can draw the look of common people.

Summer time is worth during the Olympic Games, swimming is common daily sports activity. Nevertheless to ordinary common people, as good as tastes the dress of the card at buying luxury or buying a such swimsuits is portfolio. The price is expensive do not say, also do not have what real significance. If wearing the swimsuit of such Jin Gui,delimit in village natatorium two enter the water, not a reckless waste of food?

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