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Carry on starts business of seaside printing and dyeing energy-saving decrease a

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Input a group of data, in a few minutes, the electron is measured distribute a system can " draw gourd ladle according to calabash " imprint the sample that gives client need. The limited company of printing and dyeing of Shu Mei knitting that is located in carry on to promote prefectural seaside industrial district, plant through this namely efficient, convenient " the number is contacted " , with the United States company of fertile Er Ma undertakes draw a design orders goods. "The company is introducing 7 worlds crock of top class air current of German spy favour after acquiring entire facility, establish collect to control a center in succession again, introduce automatic burden system, will modern IT application arrives in pull current Cheng, implementation is energy-saving decrease a platoon to higher administrative levels span. " Zhang Guohua of general manager of Shu Mei company says.

Recently, the energy-saving motion that decrease a platoon brought a lease of life to seaside.

Seaside industrial district has company of printing and dyeing 40, year always produce can amount to 2.5 billion meters, it is carry on promotes industry of industry of prefectural printing and dyeing to upgrade, energy-saving the heavy battlefield that decreases a platoon, advocate position. When the industry faces a lot of pressure, the industry of printing and dyeing of this area appears however " scenery alone good " picture: 1 to in April, course of study of printing and dyeing achieves sales revenue 2.445 billion yuan, grow 50.6% compared to the same period; Cloth of manufacturing printing and dyeing 719 million meters, realize production value 2.487 billion yuan, grow 50.9% compared to the same period, in the meantime, sewage discharge capacity drops compared to the same period 25.85% , discharge capacity of sewage of cloth of every 10 thousand meters of printing and dyeing drops compared to the same period 41.2% .

"Energy-saving decreasing a platoon is the main strategy good luck that enterprise of printing and dyeing adjusts class of product of industrial structure, promotion. " seaside industrial district the party is versed in appoint vice secretary, canal appoint sea of Wang Song of conference vice director says, in " energy-saving decrease a platoon to force mechanism " drive below, enterprise of 40 printing and dyeing inside seaside industrial district introduces air current crock in succession, improve the water in carrying out to answer with, more than heat reclaims, the multinomial technology such as sewage disposal, with energy-saving industry of hurried of the force that decrease a platoon upgrades. Subsequently and those who come is a series of wonderful change, a lot of enterprises carry out amlposition development, combine respective distinguishing feature, in product transition, craft construction of innovation, brand, client is bred wait for a respect to take a strong point each, cast off coessential the malign competition that spend, change difference to the benign development that change.
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