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Number: 2007-H-003
Project name: Processing of deepness of liquid waste of printing and dyeing and time with crucial technology
The unit that finish: Dong Hua university

Project general situation:

Plan 1 (the unit that finish maintains for optimal program) : Pass clear chaotic billabong, light pollution water (COD ≤ 300mg/l) processing is achieved time with the standard, other hydration is handled amount to mark; Light pollution water is answered with lead 70 % , overall time with lead 50 % , ton water treatment expends 1.5 yuan.

Plan 2: The target amounts to mark to mix useless water treatment, partial liquid waste is achieved through deepness processing time with the requirement, moving charge relatively plan 1 tall.

The technology wants a place:

The technological process of this technology is light pollution water - biology contacts oxidation - biology filter - compound reactor - film of pottery and porcelain - amount to time with the standard; Partial mud circumfluence, film of pottery and porcelain filters thick water and other liquid waste are amalgamative, processing hind amounts to mark to discharge. The film of pottery and porcelain that the project develops independently and dynamic film technology, can form the inorganic film that anticipates bore diameter.

This project manufactured the aeration biology filter of the composition such as zoology ceramists, activated carbon, use at the deepness processing of many factories. The project changes thing pretreatment, poriferous ceramists to filter, the detached technology such as film of aeration biology filter, pottery and porcelain, undertake optimizing assorted, use at the deepness of liquid waste of printing and dyeing is handled and be being answered, have equipment price the good point with province of cheap, specific power consumption, moving low cost.

Economic evaluation:

The project has parted to undertake to liquid waste of cotton printing and dyeing, knitting printing and dyeing, chemical fibber printing and dyeing clear chaotic billabong is answered with mixture liquid waste in using, try, dimensions is 120 tons / day ~ 360 tons / day. Contaminant cuts down 75 % above, diaphaneity giving water is more than 30, chroma is less than 25, index of tall manganese acerbity salt does not exceed 20mg/l; PH value is inside 9 limits of 6 ~ , achieve water of provisional printing and dyeing to answer with the standard. Water answers provisional printing and dyeing to already assumed a work out by this task group with the standard, already answered used about 50 thousand tons of water, right coloring of a few kinds of fabric.

  The expert comments on:

This project already finished clear chaotic billabong to answer in cotton printing and dyeing, knitting printing and dyeing appraisal tries in using a test, mixture liquid waste (the liquid waste after machining cotton, blended chemical fiber fabric) already answered via processing use at partial craft to use water. Project positive result is right the liquid waste of of all kinds printing and dyeing such as cotton, wool, chemical fibber, knitting, blending needs to adjust technical parameter only all applicable.
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