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Amount to natural colour cotton richly high-grade change research to tackle key

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Save organization of office of science and technology by Zhejiang, the provincial and great science and technology that amounts to group and combination of college of Zhejiang grain industry to assume richly tackles key problem project -- " natural colour cotton knits object height archives to change high grade change crucial technology and product development to consider " check and accept meeting, amount to a group to hold a project to check and accept the conference richly at will be in on July 21. The conference holds the position of a group leader by adviser of Qingdao college doctoral student Professor Zhu Ping, material of Xi'an project university spins Xing of adviser of prexy, doctoral student to build Professor Wei to hold the position of assistant group leader.

Expert group listened to report of the working report that assumes an unit, technology seriously, check and approve the relevant data such as audit report, visited manufacturing site, examined sample. Think this project is based on natural color cotton to knit the research end that object height archives changes, developed Gao Zhicai cotton / day silk / yarn of spun silk blending, solved the problem of sex of spinning conpatibility of medicines of this natural color cotton and spun silk, white cotton, realized colour cotton / the production of yarn of real silk blending, the classics avoiding an oar that designed colour cotton plays weaving craft, research and development be not what chastening condition issues colour cotton to add add greatly colourful technology and warm up the zoology that permeates dip make friends dismisses very hot technology, realized natural color cotton woven the treatment of zoology of whole journey green of the product. The project is in of colour cotton raise blending yarn high to spin make, the weaving that avoid an oar and avoid without aldehyde very hot arrange wait for a respect to have bigger innovation sex. Check and accept group think, this project had finished province science and technology to plan the mission of project contract book, pass consistently check and accept.

Zhejiang is spin big province, the clothing fabrics of complete province is given priority to with product of hair of chemical fibber copy dozen, this year exit retreats tax rate to reduce, export custom duty is added add, below the circumstance of the attune on loan interest rate, enterprise of one major spin participates in market competition to feel ability not equal to one's ambition, step forward dimension difficult. Product of natural coloured cotton regards the green environmental protection that provides development and market potential extremely on the international market as textile, study to its development enterprise of conduce Zhejiang spin participates in international competition better.

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