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Break Qiu Dong depressing touch is light beautiful collocation most grab an eye

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Key word: Collocation is fashionable

This year in the new fund of Qiu Dong season, be full of 60 time the agitation restoring ancient ways of 70 time, below the premise that keeps consistent with big trend, having many admirable beautiful designs, the jacket of academic wind, coat of case grain small cloak, contented and young girls are full of individual character never tired out fashionable curiosity.

Tie-in proposal: The athletic jacket of black and white alternate with is practical modern, skirt of collocation weak point and jeans won't make mistake, very good joker sheet is tasted. Return the tall waist knickers that OK and tie-in maturity feels, like to mix the MM that build to be able to try.
Tie-in proposal: Grid design is the big heat this year, the design of cape type is very new also, most those who grab an eye is the grain that use standard and stripe photograph collocation, the T stage this year is extremely popular simply, also be very simple collocation, super- grab an eye.
Tie-in proposal: Stripe does not have campaign only forever to the person's feeling. Stripe dress or it is little stripe detail, can let dress look vividder, the thrust deep into the enemy forces that pays attention to modern element is used, let popularity become more implicative, wear stripe more gracefully rise.

Tie-in proposal: T-shirt of design of heavy and complicated, tie-in and handsome jacket, still have the most classical thin leg pants, this kind uses colour and the perfect combination that feel character, for you Qiu Dongping adds elegant demeanour.

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