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Student studying abroad of carry out of domestic wholesale abroad made the decis

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Study abroad Australian Mary is busy recently manage shops one piece detailed list, this is not to be abroad to hit fold season to ramble buy place to use, it is however next the preparation when holiday goes back to the motherland. The student studying abroad lives in abroad, tuition and high living cost bring very heavy pressure. Previously, from home as far as possible much region goes commodity of life of tea and so on is their most commonly used method, "Now, our settle on is other. Our settle on is other..

Of the enumerate of shopping detailed list of Mary is the thing that buys in domestic ability -- the substantial level that the ability in the supermarket finds and antique class protect skin to taste, still have tea of course. The key is, there still is the dress that introduces on all sorts of fashionable magazines, shoe above this. "Actually, commodity is only accessary, and dress is of the belt most. " these things besides for private use, mary still will turn them into living cost.

"Remember at the outset, because him dress belt is too much,be, do not wear, just be taken a fancy to by the classmate again, make over a classmate with respect to low. " this is an accidental opportunity completely, send irremediable however, the first classmate fell in love with Mary home to take the clothes in the past, the 2nd, the 3rd... " then a lot of people like to come here ' naughty ' the dress, some does not let off even what wear on my body even. " Mary says.

Mary think better of thinks, since everybody likes so, why to take a place more? Then, in Hangzhou she local born and bred was become small 4, the frequenter of the market such as couplet of Long Xiang, labour. Of course, mary of individual character small shop also did not ramble less, the business is done long she knows what kind of dress can sell bade fund. "The client still has special demand, like a certain to have brand of domestic ability some particularly for instance, I also can help buy on sb's behalf. " of course, buy on sb's behalf a collection little do legwork cost, should be to give a friend a help.

Do not say condition of that one great native place first, because foreign dress is Europe edition mostly, especially the girl with petite figure is bought very hard formfitting. "Also have settle on of classmate of a few foreigners my dress, can try, too small, but they recognize style and value. But they recognize style and value..

The business is done big, rely on oneself to take the clothes only apparent and insufficient. The dress that Mary begins to contact a few country approves hairnet to stand, previously a few markets of Hangzhou of bureau be confined to, limits enlarges the place such as Shanghai, Guangzhou now. "When the business is best, earned 1500 in January bay yuan sure. " Mary tells a reporter, there is opponent recently nevertheless. See this big cake, many student studying abroads made the decision of domestic dress all round.

"Should be him harden oneself, in advance contacts a society! " Mary is very not take to heart. In the day that is far from home town, this also the tweak that can yet be regarded as enrichs him one kind.
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