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Warmth gets unlined upper garment high to drop in temperature every day necessar

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Key word: Get style of unlined upper garment high

Get unlined upper garment high to often can get in autumn more attention, the action of heat preservation should be gotten than other of course model the dress is more outstanding, no matter be to deserve to get on fine fine scarf or a fashionable sweater necklace, be no problem!

Tie-in proposal: The stripe long gown of black grey alternate with, can regard as skirt is worn build, song Song's gray is gotten high appear face very good.
Tie-in proposal: Rise collar load one's writing with fancy phrases, the effect is poor not at all, hang down at will, very recreational and design, have very special effect.
Tie-in proposal: White gets unlined upper garment high to pile in collar, the gets unlined upper garment high to suit those long and thin necks more woman student with young collarband. Black and white collocation can can achieve very good result.

Tie-in proposal: Sleeve of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane often suits to match with high collar more, sweater catenary has the effect that make the finishing point.

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