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Spruce MM picks coat opportunely 5 styles are dark flourishing of autumn person

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Key word: Vogue is clad

A Qiu Yu cool, a lot of MM added coat to meet the fall that shows cool trace gradually. Use small coat to build " mix build " what the clad law of feeling can change Qiu Dong is depressing. No matter be elegant trousers, mischievous knickers, lovely,100 plait skirt still is the simple skirt that join a body, the various small coat with ancient clever odd choice can bring youth to mix the breath that join a group invincibly for an instant.

Vogue is analytic: The coat of business suit type that Li falls, with short edition clipping and meticulous stripe advocate dozen, wear those who give young woman is nifty with self-confidence. Relaxed color suits collocation dress of all sorts of remove theatrical makeup and costume.

Vogue is analytic: Have costly Pi Cao short coat of grain of simple sense leopard, connect cap clipping with short edition, bear distinct nifty impression. The copy skin careless money of animal fleck, the sheet that makes MM big rush to purchase very quickly in this season tastes a key!

Vogue is analytic: The knitting coat that is element face not just just, make a person straight breathe out lovely floret button is full of a surprise, the design that rolls a margin created the nifty image of distinctive pattern girl.

Vogue is analytic: Of gallinaceous skin texture stereo hold out feeling, with the perfect combination that bud silk adorns. Do not need to imagine distant country, oneself can create the wonderful world that gives ethical wind.

Vogue is analytic: Thick knitting is drawn the outline of warm warm autumn day amorous feelings, try to grow even the cap a design, draw the outline of perfect body model. Comfortable fabrics and sedate black, can bring warm sense at any time.

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