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Exceed comfortable sweater to drop in temperature the day is played the part of

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Key word: Sweater is tie-in

The sweater in autumn winter season, always let a person remember the bosom of sweetheart warmth. Kiss and comfortable, tender simple sense, the multiple change element of glamour of extremely wealthy woman, sweater is winter season collocation forever advocate dozen.

Tie-in proposal: Spell able female is on-the-job the do one's best on field is perfect expression, ten million also fastens oversight the glamour of graceful and restrained of soft beauty. Greatly the romantic element that gets cardigan high to add tenderness, spend with the good impression between the opposite sex also meet 100 ﹪ UP.
Tie-in proposal: Unfailing case grain design, the design of soft sweater vest is designed with distinctive tall waist, the temperament of the collect inside reservation of will mature female is conveyed continuously.
Tie-in proposal: The design of turtleneck also has a lot of sth. worth seeing or reading this year, exquisite and gentle and quiet gray, of collarband tick off flower and bowknot, deducing never antiquated grace amorous feelings. Raise one's hand is cast sufficient casual reveal soft beautiful breath, it is Yi popular feeling is yearning certainly.
Tie-in proposal: Cardigan sweater can say is the most practical sheet in almirah is tasted, cool put on at any time, heated up take off wrapping around also is a kind of adornment on the shoulder. No matter deserve to wear shirt or T-shirt to suit very much, become " thin body " good helper.

Tie-in proposal: Bright beautiful colour sweater is this year one large window, can wear multilayer dress, with the department that be the same as color or the shirt that different color fastens and T-shirt collocation, produce inexpressible aesthetic feeling through off color.

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