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Deep autumn necessary coat makes fashionable OL intellectual beauty

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Wear in on-the-job field piece intellectual, it is duty field forever topic. Wearing decent dress, can serve as support your power very well, if can be worn at the same time,go out intellectual, can make everybody right your bear in mind constantly, want to become such woman, take in these a few small coat almirah!

Vogue is analytic: MM people want to wear piece intellectual, in design respect, need chooses the coat with design relaxed and lively modelling, and double platoon buckles a design, this kind of popular detail also nots allow to ignore. In colour respect, do not exceed 3 kinds of color all over, colour as far as possible sterling, won't appear not quite ambiguous faintness, efficient and able so.

Vogue is analytic: Today Ji Yue will jump over much OL to change a form to make intellectual beauty, accord with besides design outside, still pay attention to the quality of a material of fabrics, on the choice, belles more apt enters the material such as fibrous cotton to stress pure and fresh, intellectual feeling character with cloth mix into, choose a such small coat, dress up become the intellectual beauty in the office!

Vogue is analytic: This kind is mixed take kind, the intellectual beautiful be good at that can make you, let a person fall into enemy hands insensibly. Need appropriate alternative nevertheless, put formative emphasis on coat, pure the black color, design that receives a small of the back, concise design, can increase your figure proportion, make you look fine carry high, bring a person pure and fresh sense.

Vogue is analytic: Grid coat gifts MM the intellectual temperament of that constancy, make the smile of belles always is hanged in mouth edge. In this season grid wind is heated up greatly, and grid design is shown with different form, small make up proposal MM people the coat that chooses small grid design, but it dresses up duty field female the example of intellectual figure.

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