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Case grain unlined upper garment matchs boot to play the part of beautiful cool

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Key word: Boot of case grain unlined upper garment

If the season that the grid design like chessboard resembles an instant sweeping across the whole world in the Qiu Dong 2008 awaits wind billow and crisscross freely comes, each are big brand in succession the grid cloth that brandish removed to restore ancient ways. The 100 chess style design that change are deduced to get incisively and vividly in stylist hand, clever assorted leap is in our line of sight.

Vogue is analytic: The pants of render of collocation of case grain shirt of simple but elegant. The combination of coriaceous waists-coat and tassel boots, fluctuation echo makes perfect whole feel. The affiliation of wool hat and socks, smart move be vividly portrayed.

Vogue is analytic: The case grain dress of inclined front of a garment, no matter sheet is worn,still be inside build, very beautiful. Sedate color is combined, the monochromatic that suits tie-in maturity is. Wool waists-coat adds full-bodied autumn day flavor for you.

Vogue is analytic: The holiday of skirt of grain of case of sweater tall waist two style dress, elegant sense is strong. Tighten the affiliation of leg pants and boot, spin leg ministry line. Want to wear the word of one season more, add a long dust coat, all problems were solved.

Vogue is analytic: Shirt of grain of comfortable H case and young pants boot are tie-in, stereo outline includes your problem figure, the affiliation of young other people makes systemic window.

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