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Prince dragon changes mark to aid push a brand to upgrade

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A few days ago, prince dragon changed continue to use indicates for years, what feel with having affinity and style more is brand-new figure appears at common people before.

After making sufficient preparation of two years, prince dragon new bid " TEDELON " strong hit out, join in to many garment industry, original 2000 inn and downstream consumer bring not little surprise. TEDELON is taken from " prince dragon " homophonic, this word does not exist in English, belong to prince dragon special.

The major event that prince dragon company lends TAIZILONG to change bid is chance, unite brand image, image of company of new fixed position, reveal new development strategy; New Long Qihang, prince dragon is changing bid special gifted TEDELON " new dragon spirit " , the implied meaning that responsibility, air, internationalization, vogue changes, the whole society liability that shows a group company, air, exuberant the industrial thought of opportunity of survival.

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