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The autograph was made an appointment with that day, that day break earth. Yesterday, 100 beautiful international accuse a limited company to donate 20 million yuan to rebuild Huai Yuanzhong high a city learned to hold an autograph to be mixed about foundation stone laying ceremony. This is the first school that rebuilds after calamity high a city, also be the our city accepts the school that contributes first break earth in building the school. Before the autograph arranges a ceremony, city of Li Chun of secretary of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee interviewed 100 beautiful international to accuse a group of Cheng Baijiao of limited company CEO, international of Xiang Baili of delegate municipal Party committee, municipal government supports what rebuild after our city calamity energetically express to be thanked heartily. Quanzhong of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, secretary-general Deng attends to interview and attend an autograph to arrange a ceremony.

"You are in esteem a city to contribute build the school, it is one big philanthropic project. " Li Chun city says, current we hold to an extensive answer economy of production, prosperity is caught as outstanding task, this is the main base that rebuilds after calamity, also be the real need of long-term development. Chengdu future develops prospect still good, we are confident to this. In the introduction the our city carries on actively after the condition that the industry changes, li Chun city says, the our city is on original and good foundation, accelerate shoemaking estate development, 100 beautiful international are famous shoe kind enterprise, hope both sides begins more thorough collaboration further, we will provide good service as always for business development, supportive industry is done do greatly strong.

"Our couple two ever was a teacher, contribute the long-cherished wish that building a school is us for seismic disaster area. " Cheng Baijiao expresses, after 100 beautiful international will take an active part in Chengdu calamity, rebuild, for disaster area education uses up a heart to give a power, build a beautiful, neat, firm, safe school to children. It is reported, new Huai Yuanzhong learns to cover an area of 55 mus, predict next year autumn building investment is used, can accommodate 5 villages and towns such as Huai Yuan enter a school of nearby of nearly 2000 students.

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