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Bright and beautiful allusion is stridden to make the first step with cashmere c

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─ of ─ of bright and beautiful allusion the brand of a cashmere sweater and cashmere goods, its consume the age to locate in 20-45 year old between, charge for the making of sth. masterly, design is original, show originality, color is relatively subdued, reflect all sorts of natural amorous feelings, giving the person's whole the sense is natural and comfortable, reflect personality, suit urbanite adequately savour demand, more the wisdom that shows a modern city person, independent, self-confident, vogue and culture feeling.

The Shanghai that owns brand of bright and beautiful allusion limited company of dress of bright and beautiful allusion is a nova that industry of Shanghai cashmere dress is in ascendant phase. The company prepares in the concoctive fate of Liu Wenming general manager below, establish initial stage, with respect to determined according to quantity of contemporary management concept makes soft hardware environment personally, it is jumping-off place with oneself, shanghai of base oneself upon reachs district of its all around, throughout the country of have sth in mind is big in capacious spending market of the city, endeavor to build the most healthy and perfect sale system, customer service system and efficient and compact logistics system.

Adopy of brand of bright and beautiful allusion solid traditional culture inside information and humanitarian attention spirit, and the is global place praise highly contemporary and fashionable concept with brand-new infuse and aesthetic feeling view, the design style that its innovate and abundant design force, the person is angry and concise; Innovation spirit of Xin Rui, decorous and not costly, grave and colour thering is no lack of changes. The world of bright and beautiful garment. "Bright and beautiful allusion " the brand founds although time is not long, but of high starting point run, had obtained an abecedarian to become achievement achievement, shop of bright and beautiful allusion develops general merchandise of mansion of Shanghai Oriental business, new century rapid, doing business period inside make it double win an aspect, get the affirmation of company headquarters. In playing part of dress of international of the 10th Jiangsu, bright and beautiful allusion rolled out product of a batch of new design, with client communication, in order to establish good brand image, be in the market harships henceforth, bright and beautiful standard is proper the affiliation of meeting and countrywide each district business, join in people in the same condition help each other of business, agent, achieve in all double win.

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