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Dream Home Li Sha spins a smile to touch the life

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Dream Li Sha is the core brand that dream Home Li Sha spins. "Dream Li Sha " name result from world name is drawn " unconscious graceful Li Sha " homophonic. Borrowed this to convey dream Li Sha " love begins from the smile, the home that seeks a warmth to the heart " the theme lets his thought flow freely.

The smile is the mankind's most beautiful expression symbol, what she makes harmonious living is indicative, the fountainhead of joy and love. Dream Li Sha explains brand intention with riant culture. Li Sha advocates the dream to bring the smile to the side, deliver love with the smile, be opposite in order to accumulate extremely hopeful manner face the life, enjoy the life, build communication bridge in order to smile, open the interior window of family, seek true love of the family and care.

Dream Li Sha creats with riant manner comfortable Morpheus. She is being taken cheerful, active up affection appeals to beg, the fashionable tide Ou Shi blends in a bed to taste a design in, product style warmth, elegance, fashionable. The Morpheus with the fabrics of comfortable heat preservation, pure natural considerate health is experienced, not only the diversity style bed that offerred beautiful Huan of United States annulus to the comparatively well-off family that pursues sweet life is tasted, more offerred to them all-around loosen the mood, heart harbour that stretchs body and mind. The product of dream Li Sha is easy and comfortable, cheerful, sweet, happy, let the home and life coruscate give love and hope.

Ad saying: The smile touchs the life (SMILE TOUCHES LIFE)
Brand fixed position: Home of style of domestic type diversity is spun
Brand concept: Deliver love with the smile, creat with love comfortable Morpheus
Brand target: Domestic first selection lives in notional home to spin a brand
Product style: Vogue, sweet, elegant The target consumes group: Economy is bounteous, pay attention to health, go after the comparatively well-off family of life character, and 25-40 year old have aesthetic interest, active up, hopeful see the life, know the woman that loves the home, housekeeping
Product classification: Cover kind Marriage of series of household of series of royal series noble celebrates home of appropriate of series children series is a series of fashionable series style
By core kind Heat preservation environmental protection health care
Pillow core kind Health care practical model environmental protection
Hold pillow in the arms kindSeries of pillow of function of series of pillow of animal of square block series, adornment
Summer kindXia Liang of core of pillow of summer of series of mosquito-curtain series mat is thin byFeltingFurniture kindSeries of bed of sofa of series of mattess series soft mattess
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