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Good dream will hold Qiu Dongxin to taste a news briefing

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Will come 19 days on July 17, good dream comes to the home spin " win in terminal " business of 2008 autumn action and Qiu Dongxin taste a news briefing to be pulled open in beautiful Qian Tangjiang bank prelusive, came from nearly 200 countrywide agency to attend this news briefing.

Good dream comes to the home spun president Mr Ge Guojiang to do ebullient begin to make a speech, reviewed good dream to come to the home spin since establishing oneself development course of 15 years, elaborated good dream to come to the home spin the development target henceforth and way. He is right broad the support that increases alliance business and client friend thankses. Subsequently, shanghai is strong commentate business management advisory limited company was held " win in terminal " special subject lecture.

Good dream comes to the home spin will traditional classical " Hangzhou embroider " apply taste a design newly in the center. On the news briefing, child of handed from the master directly Mr. Yu Zhiyin that the company invited division of advanced arts and crafts, Zhejiang to save Chen Shuiqin of Great Master of Great Master of arts and crafts, Chinese arts and crafts " Hangzhou embroider " the theme has a speech and showed a share to the agency that be present " .

Model people revealed good dream to come to the home spin Qiu Dongxin to taste for everybody, "Bed art is infinite, the real situation is lasting " brand value is perforative the design at the product and make. Model takes the interactive segment in beautiful process is more push the news briefing to the climax. Good finally dream comes to the home spin Fu Lihong of sale chief inspector to come to the home to spin sales promotion of 2008 autumn winters to popularized plan and terminal operation standard to do to good dream define.

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