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Have army love alarm affection abundants, dark horse affection fastens army made

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On July 28, in " 8 · one " found an army during the part comes, qiu Guang of president of dark horse group and, standing vice-president goes to lukewarm state city before Liu Dan is static guard bureau, officers and soldiers of condolatory armed police of 4 groups, one squadron mixes He Ouhai of group of group of cervine city fire control, Ou sea fire control's policeman policemens, send a festival blessing and 100 thousand yuan of condolatory gold and value 30 thousand express sympathy and solicitude for multivariately article, conveyed dark horse thick to the deep feeling of people army made up of the sons of the people and public security policemen friendship.

Since dark horse founds oneself, maintained from beginning to end have army love alarm good convention. Whenever " 8 · one " found an army the main festival such as section, Spring Festival, qiu Guang and metropolis lead the high level in the enterprise to manage a cadre in person, condolatory Jin Hewei asks on the belt article, head for barback, alarm battalion develops condolatory activity.

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