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Tall treasure moves toward the world into international group on " go up expensi

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Be in Jiangxi inland to go up a mountainous arealy personally tall, do not lean river, do not rely on railroad, more the agricultural small county that does not rely on the airport, make the throughout the country's biggest shoe however kind product production creates base, "On expensive shoe " walking out of Jiangxi, step sufficient world.

Going up to be collected high in visitting, the reporter visited an area to amount to 600 mus, scale of production is annual the shoe city of 100 million pairs of sneaker, having the whole world the biggest shoemaking company and " world shoe king " praise Taiwan group of Bao Chengguo border is here with respect to settle. Group of Bao Chengguo border is a development is able to bear or endure the shoemaking enterprise of the world famous brand such as pace of gram, Adidasi, acute, Xin Bailun, still wait for many domains to develop development in dress, electron, finance at the same time, actual strength is abundant. Because go up tall investment climate is good, decision of this group headquarters is in original plan other 4 places investment does factory instead going up centrally high investment, make become the shoe change with mid area the biggest dimensions to create a company. Shoe city from March 2006 put into production, already installed 13 product line at present, the month always produces more than pairs of 90 shoes, achieve collect 300 much dollars.

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