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Home of Hunan dream clean spins Inc. to invest the 100 million multivariate, dream that covers an area of 160 thousand square metre clean home spins industrial garden to drive garden production formally. The installation of machine of embroider of Japanese former outfit as new entrance, try machine end, the equipment of first put into production enters this garden entirely manufacturing condition. President of dream clean group holds fierce of day of general manager ginger concurrently to be full of self-confident the earth's surface to show, what dream clean home spins industrial garden project is formal start, will appear on the market to be finished inside year make contribution.

In last few years, dream clean company came true to last, dovish, rapid development, advocate the rate that business Wu carries 20% above 10 years continuously increases by degrees, have the honor to win title of large family of tax of profit of the Changsha City 10 years continuously, it is course of study of person of the same trade large family of the first pay taxes. Reached 310 million yuan to will achieve sales revenue June in January 2008, grow 25% compared to the same period; Implementation profit total 26 million yuan, grow 40% compared to the same period; Taxes of turn over to the higher authorities 30.07 million yuan, grow 26% compared to the same period.

"We make a quilt, but it is this bed quilt, we also should make grade, make throughout the country of artistic, make it the first. " Jiang Tianwu says. The most most advanced fabrics supplier on they and international reachs cooperative agreement, use best fabrics to do " quilt " , density of fabrics classics abb achieves every inches 1000 gauze, and home's at present best fabrics is every inch 300 gauze.

Current, dream clean company has 564 792 brand shop, shop in the whole nation, business area amounts to 140 thousand square metre. Dream clean and many 300 foreign trader established business relation, the product exports the 20 many countries such as the United States, European Union, southeast Asia and area. The company still was in 9 countries such as the United States, European Union, Korea, Japan, Australia and area to undertake brand of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals register.

It is reported, after dream clean home spins industrial garden to open garden go into operation, dream clean company the target this year is implementation sells 800 million yuan, profit 70 million yuan, taxes of turn over to the higher authorities 60 million yuan, implementation issues a share publicly first and appear on the market. Should realize sales revenue to break through 1 billion yuan 2009, profit tax breaks through 200 million yuan. In 5-10 inside year, finish from make modelling enterprise transform to the strategy of service enterprise, make dream clean spin the first brand for global home.

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