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Image of brand of conformity of dream Li Sha, enable brand-new ad saying

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8 years of summers, dream Li Sha transmits a characteristic according to the brand, lift new round brand image conformity acts. Company profundity understands home to consume the demand of the market, what the home spins a product outside exercise to benefit the internal organs can appeal to with underlying feeling seek mutual tie, enlarge connotation to build system of characteristic brand culture ceaselessly. New brand concept " deliver love with the smile, creat with love comfortable Morpheus " , live riant culture be in harmony into Morpheus, explain brand intention with riant culture. Ad saying " the smile touchs the life " make this one connotation got perfect deduction.

The smile is the mankind's most beautiful expression symbol, what she makes harmonious living is indicative, the fountainhead of joy and love. Ad saying " the smile touchs the life " with sound of in the company of of dream Li Sha " Meng Na Li Sha " reach associated term " smile " nod to be cut, blend in smile, cheerful affection element in brand culture, the style bed that conveyed diversity of dream Li Sha aptly is tasted bring a person cheerful and satisfied use experience, creat for broad family the life with more romantic warmth is touched.

New ad saying gifted to image of brand of dream Li Sha distinct personality, it will become the core carrier that the brand transmits, all-around in the dream applying each link such as construction of figure of brand shop of promotion of beautiful Sha brand, terminal and company culture construction.

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