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The place that dream Lan Haomeng begins

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In current this advocates nature and healthy society, the period of science and technology and innovation is advocated in this, group of Jiangsu dream Lan Ji is mixed with its remarkable own innovation ability fashionable functional sex product, the country in leading spins the newest tide of the industry. Of the dream deep and remote far, orchid faint scent, dream orchid product is passing 1 billion users, explaining to the society " consecratory high-quality goods, deliver friendly feelings " culture concept.

Dream orchid brand gave 3 with the industry is being spun to achieve in countrywide home " the first " and famed the world. Dream orchid bedding spins an industry to obtain China the first times in countrywide home product of famous brand of the first batch of brand of culture of the first well-known logo, China, China. Group of Jiangsu dream Lan Ji also travels together in the whole nation take the lead in having the honor to win countrywide quality benefit advanced company, whole nation to defend a contract to weigh sincere letter of credit company, whole nation in course of study abide by the law town enterprise, whole nation safeguards consumer rights and interests the honorary title such as advanced company, the country in was being entered spins an industry " 10 strong " , exit of Chinese spin industry, sale double " 100 strong " cavalcade. On the arena of China and world, dream orchid regards China as the delegate of fine people brand, revealing to people " advocate nature of natural, press close to, experience nature " theme, showing the individual character of extraordinary of dream orchid product, also showing the spirit pursueing a dream of work with perseverance of dream Lan Ren.

And " dream orchid " the birth of the brand, it is people is few and witting however.

1989, the author of dream orchid -- Qian Yuebao begins to consider for oneself elegant bedding has an Orphean name. She thought of above all " orchid " , because of her from small love orchid, love its elegant and fragrance, and also imprinting on the packing bag of the product before this " orchid " design, but when be being registered to industrial and commercial bureau, discovery " orchid " already " renown flower has advocate " .

At the outset " Changshu lotus root canal adornment things factory " machine foreign trade bedding for double cat group, those who use is " orchid " brand. After foreign trade produces the task to finish the rest of coming " orchid " the bag that pack, buy by adornment things factory, produce the product that sells oneself to use orchid card to wrap bagging oneself, period of time, good impression left in broad user. Everybody knows " orchid " product quality is very good, admit accurate " orchid " brand, but " orchid " already renown flower has advocate, cannot use. Qian Yuebao think better of thinks, bedding can not make a fond dream to let people namely, sleep good become aware? And, that orchid in the dream, all the time leisurely waves carefreely flying forwardly, leading oneself to keep run, go chasing, the enterprise also is done slowly so big. Since broad consumer also still the dream is worn orchid, cry " dream orchid " do not have artistic conception and intention more? Qian Yuebao considers casually, home of China of a future spins an industry " the team of the dream " was born so.
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