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Husband island releases Shanghai emperor to taste the home newly to spin a theme

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"Ying Lunxin is fashionable, give the person that loves most only -- home of island of Shanghai emperor husband spins 2008 autumn winters to taste news briefing and whole nation newly to join in business annual meeting " in beautiful Jiangchen Hubei on July 6 Yichang is held, come from island of husband of many 320 emperor of countrywide to join in business attended this second meeting.

After seeing holy husband island taste elegant demeanour newly, agency issues sheet in succession. Bencihui discusses window confused to show, assemble the visual regale that if same field is luxuriant,the Qiu Dongxin of characteristic of holy husband island tastes, the popular fashion that tastes 2008 Qiu Dong beds is detonated ahead of schedule. Holy husband island spins a of the industry burgeoning brand as domestic home, pursueing domestic home to spin vogue and tide all the time, with oneself unique product fixed position and characteristic are designed, fund fund condition the luxuriant work with deep strong desire respectfullies present the masses, contented consumer changes the requirement with unifinication to living in life affection.

This second conference includes 2008 autumn winters to taste grand ceremony of news briefing opening ceremony newly, join in management of business terminal operation grooms lecture, Qiu Dongxin is tasted release, outstanding join in business prize-giving celebration, 3 gorge swim one day wait for multinomial content. Sponsor square hope to pass this conference, will today the vogue that autumn home spins a product and colorful, show great master in the round.

After the meeting, gentleman of yellow benefit mark says president of company of holy husband island: "We this second conference gained all-time success, but this is only good germinant, the job from the back just is the most important the most crucial. The job from the back just is the most important the most crucial..

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